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Welcome to Bright Surge Academy, make sure to check your PMs for new members, read all the rules, and more importantly have fun
Hey everyone, just us checking in. I'm in the process of working on some new entertainment options for us Brighter Sugerins. Start looking for updates to our Roleplay section.
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 The Academy's system. READ THIS FIRST.

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PostSubject: The Academy's system. READ THIS FIRST.   Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:43 am

Our Academy is about growth. We aren't going to throw you into a test first time you come on we will welcome you and put you into the Star Gate Dorm.

You will be able to test after a while into a higher dorm and after a while you will climb up. As you could see long term members would be a part of the higher dorms. Each Dorm will have different requirements that must be met before starting the test; from a certain amount of posts to wins or even maybe a written test before the actual game.

When you have met the requirement you must ask a member of staff to test you.

You need to fill a certain requirement in the games, that only the testers will know,to get into each dorm each will make you a better player.
There will be 3 games no matter what if you fulfilled the requirement or not.
You will have all 3 of these games to fulfill the requirement.

Remember to have fun, you don't need to pass it the first time you don't need to gather points or something else, but you will have to wait at least 5 days before
taking another test.

Each dorm is specifically made to make you a better player in some way or another.

Remember this system is about learning and having fun take everything with a grain of salt, laugh and learn to go slow.
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The Academy's system. READ THIS FIRST.
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