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Hey everyone, just us checking in. I'm in the process of working on some new entertainment options for us Brighter Sugerins. Start looking for updates to our Roleplay section.
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 The Adventures of Vanguard!!!

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:26 pm

Welcome BSA to the story I've written about Vanguard. All of its characters (most of them anyway) are most of us XD. I'm the main character but the story isn't revolved around me. I've worked really hard on writing this all out so any support I would gladly love. Thanks and I hope you all enjoy Very Happy

Chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Era!!

"I wish it hadn't come to this. He's my best friend and we have been through so much together. I never thought it would come down to this. The one thing we loved doing so much has turned into this?"

1 year earlier

You could say today was the beginning of a new dawn for me. Going to a new school isn't something new to me. When you move around a lot and transfer schools as if its part of your daily routine its never new. My name is Neos and I'm just your average teen living the life. The schools name was Bright Surge. Has a funny ring to it I guess. As I started walking toward the entrance everyone was staring at me. Guess that's what happens when your the new kid in town. After receiving my schedule and finding where my locker was I was set for the day.. until it happened


"Oh hey you alright?"
Some kid ran into me running in the hallway. Luckily for me I guess no one was around because everyone was already in class.
"Yeah I'm okay" I replied. While I was picking up the kids stuff that fell out his bag, I noticed a deck of cards he had. The box was white and the pictures of the cards were awesome.
"Sorry but I'm in a rush, catch ya later! And welcome to bright surge!" At least he gave me a rushed warm welcome I said to myself. Several classes later it was lunch time. Of course when its lunch and your new you usual sit in the corner of the lunchroom and that's where I was until.
"Hey!"  The kid I ran into before screamed, kinda scared me for a second. Hey its you from before I said
"Yup, call me Kirito whats your name?"
"The name's Neos nice to meet you," We shook hands and then I had this funny feeling.
"So your new to BrightSurge aren't you?" He asked.
" Yeah, transfer student,"
"Thats cool! Hey wanna sit at that other table? Im going to fight one of those people"
"I gave Kirito the weirdest look ever, your going to fight him?" I replied.
"Yes I am!"
He was so full of energy and excitement, then he busted out the deck of cards I noticed from before. Then he literally grabbed me and dragged me to the other table. I didn't mind because it seemed like we knew each since childhood(which we didn't) then he said it.
" By the way, Im your new best friend! He said it with a smile. The last time someone said that to me well he,"
" Lets play vanguard!" Kiri screamed, somehow the entire lunchroom didnt hear him.
"Whats Vanguard?"
"'Cardfight Vanguard!!!' is a card game where you fight people!" I guess its not the actual fight I thought it was.
"Watch closely ok Neos?"
I watched closely but had no idea what was going on. At first I thought this would be so boring but as the game went on Kirito was showing so much passion for it. So much energy. It was amazing. Then Kiri yelled "6 damage! I win!"
Now the entire lunchroom stared at us. I'm not the shy type but it was weird. Its as if Kirito didn't care what people around him stared at. I can tell this Vanguard card game didn't interest many people in the school.
"So did you enjoy that fight?" Kiri asked with a grin as wide as his face.
Again, he has so much energy, then I decided to be honest with his question.
"Uh, the game went so fast I didn;t really know what was going on,"
"Oh," he laughed that tends to happen. "I gotta run Ill catch ya later Neos,"
The day ended so I went to my locker grabbed my coat and decided to head home. While I was walking home I bumped into Kirito again. "Whatsup Neos, where you headed?"
"Heading home,"
" Instead wanna come to the card shop down the block with me?"
"Um, sure I guess,"
"Awesome!" Again with that passion in his voice. I could tell Kirito wanted me to learn Vanguard, It couldn't hurt to try. We got to the card shop and it was empty. Except for the store clerk and his cat of course. Kirito showed me through the store and then it started..
"You're going to learn Cardfight Vanguard!!!, Neos!"
"I am? Only a moron would give that response," I thought.
"Yes you are because I can see you have the potential to be a fighter, and I would love to teach you the game of Vanguard,"
I decided to try it out, as I said before it couldn't hurt.
" Alright so these here are trial decks. Its basically your starter deck and if you want to improve it you buy booster packs from the sets that support your clan!"
"Clan?" I asked.
"Clans are the types of decks out there, from dragons to paladins to many other things"
All of the cards looked neat and all and I didn't really know what to choose, until I saw it.
"I pick that one!"I screamed randomly.
"Oh, The Narukami starter deck?"
"Yes, please,"
I gave the clerk the money to buy the deck and Kirito showed me to a table and put a card in the center of the game board.
" This is whats called a starting vanguard. It has to be a Grade 0. The different grades start from 0-3, and you ride up from 0. These Vanguards are used to battle other Vanguards, all the units that go around the vanguard are rearguards, and you need to call them from your hand.
I set my starting Vanguard and was ready. Kirito explained the rules to me, "We start with a hand of 5 each, before we begin you can mulligan, or reshuffle whatever cards in your hand back into your deck and draw the same amount after. Its always good to have 1 of each grade, but the main priority is 1 through 3 the game ends when one of us hits 6 damage," I reshuffle my hand, and I have one of each grade.
"Looks good," I said.
"Okay I'll go first, I ride my grade 1, now the first person to start cannot attack so I end my turn,"
"Alright, I ride, and now what?"
"You can go to battle phase and attack."
"How do I do that?"
"Basically, declare your attack, by resting your card, turning it sideways," He showed me, And you can boost with units, behind the unit in the front row. That will add its power to your attacking unit." This is the one time I've seen him calm, I can't tell if it's the fact that I am new and know nothing of the game or what.
"Okay, well I attack?" I ask a little confused.
"And I don't guard. Guarding is when i can take any grade unit that has a shield on the side and a number and put it in between us that number gets added to my unit's power see?"
"Yeah I get it."
"So go ahead and drive check,"
"Take a card from the top of your deck and reveal it." I follow as kirito says, and get a grade 1," "No trigger, add that to your hand,  then I damage check," He reveals the top card of his deck, and its a grade 0. "I got a draw trigger!" Kiri exclaimed, " See this little red thing up here? That's a trigger symbol, it means during a check drive or damage, i get an effect, Draw trigger I can draw a card, Critical trigger I deal extra damage, Stand trigger I can restand a Rearguard, and Heal trigger If i have the same or less damage than you, I can heal one damage.
The game goes on like this riding cards calling cards attacking back and forth until Kirito yells.
"And I win! My Gold Paladin deck is too awesome!"
"Awesome Kirito!" I was really excited about this game, I had to learn more. " Thanks for the cardfight, Do you mind telling me which sets Narukami gets support in?"
"Its this set. Set 6 Breaker of Limits!,"
I then bought a case of boxes of the set
"You bought all that?" Kiri was shocked
"Yeah I want to improve my deck!"  I then had to run home.
"See ya Kirito and thanks!" I screamed over my shoulder as I ran.

While at home and after eating dinner, I did some research about Vanguard and opened all of the booster packs. I changed a lot of the cards around and put in a new set of critical triggers for added pressure. Then I thought, "Maybe coming to this school was a good thing after all" After my first day I knew it would be a great school year! Stand up The Vanguard!


"Hey Neos,"
"Hey Kirito! Wassup I'm ready to play Vanguard!"
"I figured you would, Welcome to the Cardfight Club!"
"Cardfight Club?"
"Yeah and if you wanna join you gotta beat one of my friends whos already a member!"
"This cardfight should be interesting!"

Next time in Chapter 2: Enter Andreas and the Royal Paladins!

This Andreas guy and his Royal Paladin deck is really good! But I don't plan to lose this cardfight!

Edited my Mare.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:03 pm

oh nice ur doing a story here Very Happy keep it up i enjoyed it Smile

(cant wait till my debut xD)
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:12 am

Dude awesome! I liked it, cant wait for the next chapeters Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:20 pm

Chapter 2: Andreas and the Royal Paladins!

It had been a week since I started playing Cardfight Vanguard at my new school. Ever since meeting Kirito and learning about the game ive been so energetic. Ive never felt this way before. But one day while walking to school

Kirito: Its about time you got here
Neos: Oh, sup Kirito

Kirito had been waiting for me. I guess thats better then him surprising me out of nowhere.

Kirito: Theres something I want to show you Neos! Lets go!

As usual he was full of energy and had a pep in his step. We took the elevator in the school to the 4th floor, then I asked Kirito "I have never been on the 4th floor of the school, what is on this floor?" Kirito smiled at me and just told me to follow him. He was walking so fast I wouldnt want to see him when he runs. We made it to this classroom and then Kirito opened the door:

(Again that energy)
Neos: Cardfight Club? I said with a clueless look on my face
Kirito: Yup, a club where you can cardfight and I want you to join this one.
Neos: You say "this one"? Is there more then one?
Kirito: Yes there is, thats why I showed you the one im in!

Alright then Ill join" I said with energy myself then Kirito did some sort of evil laugh.

Kirito: Well if you want to join the club and the team you have to beat one of its members.
???: Thats right kid!

That voice came from this guy standing and staring out the window

Kirito: Oh good hes here. Neos I introduce you to Andreas Vogas!!
Andreas: So your the Neos ive heard about. Kirito has said nothing but good things about you

Looks like Kirito was spreading the word about me to his cardfight buddys. Seeing as Kirito wanted me to join HIS club, i am usually the person who wants to explore all options but seeing as i was still the new kid on the block it didnt hurt to join Kiritos club. Andreas started walking toward a table and he set a card down.

Andreas: Lets see what you got kid

He spoke as if he knew he was going to win, I love being the underdog. I get to prove all the people wrong! I set my starting Vanguard and was ready to go!

Neos: Alright, Bring it on!
Andreas: I know your new to the game so I hope you know the rules
Neos: Oh trust me I know them, I am a fast learner

And then I said: STAND UP, VANGUARD!

I had this shocked look on my face, he said 'the' vanguard.

Neos: What.. THE Vanguard? Why you!! Your actually pretty cool I can see this is gunna be fun!

Later on in the cardfight, I was losing 4 damage to 2 and Andreas has already rode to grade 3. I was in a really bad jam and needed to turn things around!

Neos: Stand and draw. I ride Thunder Break Dragon! Hes skill activates when I ride him! Counterblast 2 cards to retire one of your units! Next I call Red River Dragoon and Thunderstorm Dragoon to the rear guard!
Andreas: Not bad kid.

I smiled knowing that he actually thought I was doing a good job.

Neos: Photon Wyvern boosts Thunder Break attacking your VG! And since I have 4 damage its time to Limit Break! Power plus 5000! And with photons skill my total is 25000!
Andreas: No guard
Neos: Since my VG attacking is a grade 3 I can check drive triggers twice! First check, no trigger. Second check, Got it! Critcal Trigger! Giving the critcal to Thunder Break and the power to Thunderstorm!

Andreas took his 2 damage and acted like he wanted to take that damage.

Andreas: Draw trigger. 5000 to my VG and I draw a card.
Neos: Thunderstorm gets a boost from Red River and attacks!
Andreas: Epona guards
Neos: Tsk, I end my turn
Andreas: I see you didnt realize what just happened
Neos: Huh?
Andreas: I wanted you to deal me damage. Look at my damage zone kid

I looked at his damage zone and realized he had 4 damage. Now he could Limit Break is possible

Andreas: I stand and draw! I ride the Vanguard! Rise up Sacred Dragon! White Dragon Knight, Pendragon! And now I Limit Break!
Neos: Uh oh
Andreas: I search the top 5 cards of my deck and if there are any Royal Paladin Grade 3's I can ride it on top of my Pendragon
Neos: Say what?! Kirito can he do that?
Kirito: Yup Neos, he sure can

Andreas checked the top 5 cards of his deck and I was starting to sweat a little. Who knows what combo he has up hes sleeve.

Andreas: Luckily for you no grade 3
Neos: Phew
Andreas: But your not out of the woods yet kid. I call to rear guard 2 marrons, Palamedes and Gordon!
Neos: Oh great now you have a full field of units!
Andreas: Marron boosts Gordon attacking Thunder Break Dragon!
Neos: No guard!

I took my 5th damage, one more and I lose this cardfight! I couldnt let that happen!

Andreas: Pendragon attacks! Hes skill power plus 5000 during the turn he is ridden on!
Neos: Not happening! I guard with a Perfect Guard! Go Guld!
Andreas: Twin drive! First check, Margal Draw Trigger! Power to Palamedes and I draw! Second check, Got a Critcal Trigger! All effects to Palamedes!
Neos: Both checks were triggers?! No!
Andreas: Its over for you kid! Paladmedes attacks with a boost from Marron! 32000 Power!
Neos: I guard with Yellow Gem and Seibo and intercept with Thunderstorm!
Andreas: Not bad, I end my turn
Kirito: Wow, Neos actually guarded all of Andreas's attacks

I was literally out of breathe. I was in the corner big time. Nothing in my hand and my front row empty.

Andreas: Wanna give up?
Neos: Heh never! I stand and draw!

And then I drew it..

Neos: !!
Andreas: Hmm?
Neos: This is the card that shall win me the cardfight! Break the cage that seals you! Encarnation of Thunder! I ride my avatar! The Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion!
Andreas: Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion?
Kirito: No way! What a draw
Neos: Limit Break! Counterblast 3! Vermillion gains 2000 power and I attack all the units in the front row! Go Vermillion Thunderbolt!!
Andreas: ...
Neos: Looks like im getting the win!
Andreas: Guard! Perfect Guard!
Neos: Oh no!
Andreas: Your not the only one with a perfect guard kid.
Neos: Twin drive, First! Second! Djinn Critcal trigger but since you used a perfect guard the trigger is no use! But at least your front row is gone! Turn end!
Andreas: Stand and draw, Pendragons Limit Break!
Neos: Oh no not this again
Andreas: Looks like I got a grade 3
Neos: !
Kirito: !
Andreas: I ride the Vanguard! Sanctuary Guard Dragon!
Neos: This cant be good
Andreas: Nope it isnt, hes skill activates! By discarding a card I can search for a grade 1 Royal Paladin from my deck and call it.
Neos: WHAT?!?!
Andreas: I call my 3rd marron! And from my hand I call Palamedes! and move marron on my left column to the front row!
Sanctuary Guard also gains 3000 power for every grade 1 Royal Paladin. There are 3. Power Plus 9000! Guard Dragon attacks vermillion with a boost from Marron! 28000!

I looked at my hand and didnt have enough to guard. I was going to lose.

Neos: No guard

I checked for a damage trigger hoping to get a heal trigger

Neos: Damage check! A Vermillion..
Andreas: Looks like I win
Neos: Yeah you do. Good Game Andreas
Andreas: Not bad for a rookie.
Kirito: Good job Neos but better luck next time

Then from a distance i heard someone clapping

???: Not bad, Neos is it?
Neos: Yeah who are you?
My name is Marethyu, Im the leader of the BrightSurge Cardfight Club Team, but please call me Mare for short.
Neos: Nice to meet you Mare
Kirito: Were you standing there the whole time?
Mare: Of course
Andreas: Time for my daily nap.
Mare: Neos I see you have alot of potential and also alot to learn, I look foward to you challeging us again to join our team in the future.
Neos: Thanks..
Mare: But I will let you in our club
Kirito: What?
Andreas: But he lost
Mare: Sure he lost but im going to take him under my wing, He is going to be a great fighter one day

Under my wing, thats something "he" said to me a long time ago, I thought about him when Mare said those words.. If only "he" can see me now

Kirito: Hey Neos you alright?
Neos: Um yeah im fine
Andreas: No he isnt, he just lost so take him to the Vanguard nurses office
Neos: What? They have that?
Andreas: No silly im joking
Neos: oh
Kirito: Silly Andreas
Neos: Well guys imma start heading home, see ya tomorrow.

As I started walking out, these 2 guys were waiting in the hallway as if they were waiting for me

Neos: Can I help you guys?
???: You play Vanguard right?
Neos: Yeah. I have been playing for a week. Why?
???: Im the leader of team Dark Savior Warriors. My name is BloodEdge
???: And my name is PK
Neos: Uh, nice to meet you

I had a feeling this wasnt going to be a warm welcome

BloodEdge: We challege you to a cardfight! To test your skill! My friend PK here is going to fight you first!
PK: Thats right! Up for it?
Neos: Im always up for it!

I put my bag down while they got a table ready.

Kirito: Wonder whats all that noise in the hallway
Andreas: Who knows?
Mare: Ill check it out
Kirito: Im coming with you

Neos: Alright PK you ready?
PK: Ready to win of course

At first glance these guys looked like they were playing to only win. Well it looks like Ill have to not only beat them but also show them how this game is supposed to be played!

Neos and PK: Stand up, Vanguard

Kirito: Goodluck Neos


BloodEdge: This kid is a rookie he doesnt seem to tough
PK: Yeah ill take him down with my Paladin Deck
Kirito: Cmon Neos show these guys what your made of
Neos: PK seems to be running a paladin deck also, but its different from Andreas's deck

I was ready to head home but it turns out I have to cardfight Team Dark Savior Warriors instead. Hope I can hold my own!

Next time on Chapter 3: The Leaders of Cray

Neos: Once again im in a tough spot but unlike before, I plan to get out of this jam and prove I can hold my own!
Kirito: Be careful Neos, PK is stronger then you might think!!


Everyone Enjoy!
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Wed Dec 11, 2013 6:08 pm

Chapter 3: The Leaders of Cray

After a very long day at school and a fun day at Kiritos Cardfight Vanguard club, I thought it would be a peaceful walk home to get some rest. But I had to fight just a little more as these two guys: Bloodedge and PK, members of Team Dark Savior Warriors challeged me to a cardfight and I never back down from a challege! No matter how tired I am. "Stand Up, Vanguard!" me and PK yelled as our fight began. "Stand up Wingal Brave" he said with confidence. "I stand up Spark Kid Dragoon" I said back. Then I realized it. PK was using a Royal Paladin deck, the same clan I just faced. But it looked it it was a different kind of Royal Paladins. Its the conclusion I came to and came to realize that Vanguard has many clans but each clan has different types of decks. I was ready to face this deck as well! "Lets see how your friend does aganist this team" Mare said to Kirito. "Yeah although I am a bit worried" he replied. Oh and whys that? Mare asked. Because hes new to the game and facing another team. Nothing against Neos but I dont want his confidence to go way down after what happened in his cardfight with Andreas, Kirito said. I overheard what Kirito had said. Little does anyone know that my confidence never goes down and I always hold my head high. Meanwhile the cardfight started. Ill start PK, draw! I ride Red River Dragoon! Moving Spark Kid back and ending my turn. I draw, Ride Little sage Marron and Moving Brave to the backrow" PK said. Marron attacks! I remember Kirito teaching me its not a good idea to guard attacks early in cardfights so I took that into consideration. I dont guard. He checked for a trigger and took a damage. My turn, Stand and Draw! Thunderstorm Dragoon Ride! I use Spark Kid Dragoons skill. By counterblasting and putting him in the soul I check the top 5 cards of my deck for a grade 3 and add it to my hand. I showed Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion to PK and added it to my hand. I could tell Vermillion was the ace of my deck. Or as Kirito calls it: My Avatar. ThunderStorm attacks! Drive check, Critcal Trigger! All to my Dragoon which means you take 2 points of damage! Turn End. I had the very early lead and then PK drew his card and things looked like it was about to get tough. I ride my avatar!" PK started to say, My Blaster Blade! I started thinking to myself that PK's deck is revolved around that card, just like my Narukami deck is built around Vermillion. Only difference is, im still a rookie. Blaster Blade gets a boost from Wingal Brave and attacks your VG. I dont guard PK. Drive trigger check, a draw trigger. Damage check, no trigger. Then all of a sudden PK started acted different. Looks like its time for my deck to take shape. Wingal Brave skill! Since he boosted a successful attack I can put him into the soul and add any card with Blaster in there card name from my deck to my hand" he said. Then he showed me the card. What the? Blaster Dark? But thats a Shadow Paladin!" I said. Thats right! Pk started to explain, my deck is a hybrid deck an its rare. I combine both the Royal Paladins and the Shadow Paladins because we are, the leaders of cray! Um, whats cray? I asked. "Oh thats right" Kirito stepped in. Cray is the planet where all the Vanguard clans live and when we cardfight we picture the units fighting on Cray itself". You have got to be kidding me I thought to myself. I ended my turn, Go already PK said. Fine, Stand and draw! I Ride the Vanguard! Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion! Call to rear guard: Red River, Photon Bomber Wyvern and THunderStorm Dragoon. Boosted my Photon, Go Vermillion! I dont guard.. PK said calmly. Twin drive, first check.. second check, draw trigger! I draw a card and power to ThunderStorm! PK took his 3rd damage. Thunderstorm attacks! I guard! PK replied, Epona and Llew! I end my turn. I stand and draw, See the king as he once was! I ride Alfred Early!!! PK shouted. Oh man, I thought to myself. Heh looks like PK is getting serious, Bloodedge said. Alfred Early skill, when I ride him if Blaster Blade is in the soul I call superior call him! Return Blaster Blade! And he has a skill as well! Counterblast! Leave the field Thunderstorm! Say what?! I said suprised. And now, PK continued I call to the battlefield! Blaster Dark!! I also call Kay! Go my Paladins attack! First Blaster Dark with a boost from Kay! I guard with Yellow Gem! I yelled. I needed to defend against these attacks, I am at 3 damage so I decided to take the VG attack. Go Alfred Early with a boost from Marron! No guard, I said. Twin Drive, the first.. got a critcal trigger! Critcal to Alfred power to my avatar Blaster Blade. The second, no trigger. I took the attack, and 2 damage with no triggers coming up. Go Blaster Blade end this! I guard!!! Oh, PK said, I end my turn then. I stand and draw. I call Guarda. And now, Limit Break! Counterblasting 3. Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion! Vermillion Thunderbolt! I attack all of your front row! And with Photons boost! 23000 power! Pk stared at the field as if he had a plan. I guard, he said. Perfect guard Blaster Blade, Epona and Eliane guard Blaster Dark! What the? I replied. Did he just do that, Kirito said. Hes setting up the big play, Mare said. I twin drive. Critical Trigger! Critcal to Vermillion, Power to Guarda. Second check, heal trigger! POwer to Guarda. 2 damage coming your way PK! First damage he took wasnt a trigger but the 2nd damage was a draw trigger, Power to Alfred and I draw he said. Go Guarda with a boost from Red River! 27000! I guard! Llew and Stardust Trumpter guard. Aww man, I couldnt deliever the final damage. I end my turn. I stand and draw. And now it begins, Bloodedge said. Huh? I thought. Cmon Neos! Kirito yelled, Keep your head in the game and win this! Pk started to say: Light and Darkness combine as one, join together to save the world! I ride! Majesty Lord Blaster!! Majesty Lord Blaster?? I said. Thats the leader of the Royal Paladins on Cray! Kirito said. And this is where the cardfight ends, Bloodedge said. I will win this turn! PK yelled. GO Blaster Dark attack Guarda! I let the attack hit, Go Blaster Blade! I guard with Helena and Dragon Mage! Now its time for my Ultimate Skill! Majesty Lord Blaster skill! I send Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark to my soul and my Majesty gains 10000 power! Also another skill is active, When Blade and Dark are in the soul, Majesty permantley gains 2000 power and goes critical! Its over! I stared at my hand.. and then, PK. Huh? He replied. Why do you play Vanguard? I asked him, and he replied so fast " I play to win" then Bloodedge said "Thats right" ... I stared at them. Then started to say "Ive played Vanguard for one week, Met great friends like Kirito Andreas and Mare from Team Brightsurge and in one week ive learned to play a game that gets me fired up, it helped me make new friends and showed me that being alone is never the answer. PK then yelled! I dont care! Majesty Lord Blaster attacks! 30000 power Critical 2! Kirito yelled, Neos no!!! Kirito, look again Mare said. Then I yelled: PERFECT GUARD! WHAT? Pk said, No way Bloodedge said. YES! THATS MY BRO NEOS WAY TO PLAY Kirito yelled. Not bad for a newbie, Mare said. Even in the background Andreas was surprised. PK wasnt happy, No it cant be, I end my turn! I stand and draw, Go Vermillion with a boost from Photon Bomber Wyvern attack!!! I guard with Kay and Margal!!! Looks like I need one trigger then! Twin drive, first check.... Second check.. Heh! It cant be! PK said, Critical Trigger?!? ALL EFFECTS TO VERMILLION!!!! ITS OVER!!! VERMILLION THUNDERBOLT!!!! YES!! NEOS WON!!! Kirito yelled again (Again that energy) Not bad kid Andreas said. Well done Mare replied. Thanks guys, I said with a smile. PK was staring at his cards on the table and then Bloodedge came and said: Its ok bro, you did your best. That Neos character however. He is a true character. The passion he has for Vanguard is something ive never seen. And he cares about hes cards and his friends. Id say his future is bright. Bloodedge, was our goal wrong? PK said. Hmm? Bloodedge said. We shouldnt play to win, we should play like Neos does, for the passion and the energy to fight! Bloodedge smiled, I was just about to say the same thing. Then Bloodedge and PK walked to me, Hey Neos they both said. Oh, goodgame PK I said. You too... bro! He said. Huh? Thats right I called you bro because we are friends now! Thats right Bloodedge added. I started to smile and then, Neos? Kirito said. Is he crying? Mare, PK and Bloodedge all asked. Yes I am, because ive never in my life been surrounded by so many great people and ive never called them my friends. I mean ive known you guys for what a week and its like we are family! I smiled and shed a tear. Then everyone laughed. Yo Mare your the leader of the Brightsurge club right? Bloodedge asked. Yeah I am, Mare replied. Me and PK thought this over and we would like to join BrightSurge if thats ok with you? Mare looked shocked then said: What about your own team? BloodEdge replied: Our team just got started but we like your better if Neos is there we wanna be there also! Thats right Pk added. I started to talk: But im not on there-- intil Mare cutted me off, Well Neos is on the team but just like him we will have to test you to join. WHAT? I said, Im on the team? But I lost to Andreas remember? Thats true, Mare said, but your cardfight with PK showed us all that you have the skills and potential and as I said I wanna take you under my wing so why not? WOOHOOOOO I started to yell!!! IM ON BRIGHTSURGE!!! Then I started to run up and down the halls and for whatever odd reason Kirito followed me yelling himself. Oh, sometimes im embarressed to be around Kirito, Mare said. As for your tests BloodEdge and PK, I can test you tomorrow after school, how does that sound? Sounds good, they both said. Meanwhile I was running home with so much excitement. I couldnt even remember a day in my life where I was so happy! I opened the door to my house took off my shoes and before my mom could even say " Hi, how was your day" I zoomed up the stairs to my room and yelled: CARDFIGHT VANGUARD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire neighborhood heard me and stared at me but I didnt care for some reason. Deep down I was crazy, Kiritos crazy also but hes crazy with energy! I couldnt wait to go to school now. Each day it seemed like I was getting better at Vanguard and making new friends. Then I started to look at a picture next to my window. It was me and some other friends I had met in the past. We decided to part ways after being together for over a year. I miss them all and even though we are not together we are best friends. I know that this is how they would have wanted me to be: Happy and smiling. And I want the same for them. And then.. Yo Neos!! I heard a person yell from out the window. Then my mom said: Honey you have a friend waiting outside. Ok Mom I replied. I took my school uniform off and put on some street clothes. Black Leather Jackets are awesome. Then when I opened the door I saw him, He came back. Kiba... I said. Long time no see. Yeah, Kiba said. Its been a long time. He had a table next to him. I know you too well bro, is it that time? Kiba started laughing, Yes it is. Looks like I have one more cardfight to play before this long crazy day ends.


So Kibas back.
Yes Neos im back and we are going to cardfight right now!
When it comes to Kiba I have another emotion when fighting him, its all about being serious and having fun of course.

The battle of brothers who will win this epic clash?!

Next time on Chapter 4: The Heated Lion: Ezel!

Kiba uses Gold Paladins but if I know him like I think I do, this wont be easy at all! Its time to show him what ive learned!
Goodluck Neos, I plan to give you my all!!


Enjoy Everyone!
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:18 pm

i'd recommend keeping it texting format. its easier to read lol.

great chapter Very Happy

also...have u considered making a fake antagonist clan? meaning a completely made up clan (not extremely OP, but original). i dunno...i'd just hope for SP and aquas to be a good clan this time around, and most other clans already have a "hero" background.

if not then how bout made up boss cards? less work than a full clan and still keeps it fresh Very Happy
(just throwin things out there xD)
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:47 am

Well I am editing it for him so it will be easier to read when I'm done since ill space out paragraphs and adding quotations and such.

The other style I hate with a passion. while its easy to edit and fix, if you respect your writing put it into a standard format. Trust me it will look and sound better there's a reason most books follow it and all school in America are basically required to teach it. Because if you are going to write this is the only format people will accept it in. unless its a poem.

poems be crazy yo.

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:49 pm


Thanks Mare and Edge thanks for the tips about the cards
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:02 pm

Chapter 4 The Heated Lion: Ezel!

Just when I thought my very long and fun day was over I had a surprise waiting for me downstairs. My mom had told me someone was at the door. So I changed out of my school clothes and put some street clothes on, got my deck and went down. There I saw Kiba. Hes one of my best friends and greatest rivals. Good rivals.

Kiba: Hey Neos, long time no see
Me: Yeah its been a long time hasnt it?
Kiba: It sure has

Back in the day me and Kiba used to play all sorts of card games and we had some wild adventures. Our paths split just so we can both find ourseleves sort to speak. It put a huge smile on my face to see him again and to see he was alright. He then noticed that I was holding my Vanguard deck.

Kiba: Ah I see you started playing Vanguard
Me: Oh yeah. I have been playing for about 2 weeks. Im still a rookie though haha
Kiba: haha well I have been playing Vanguar for awhile now. Heres my deck

He showed his deck. It was a Gold Paladin deck but it looked like a different themed Gold Paladin deck then Kiritos deck.

Kiba: Incendesent Lion, Blond Ezel
Me: Huh?
Kiba: Its my avatar. My ace and most importantly my comrade
Me: Awesome. Wanna see my deck?
Kiba: Sure bro

I showed him my deck with the widest of all smiles. I tried to calm down but couldnt and here to think I was tired

Kiba: Narukami. Not bad kid, and im guessing Dragonic kaiser Vermillion is your avatar?
Neos: Yeah. He is so awesome

Im used to him always calling me kid. But he said it with all the respect.

Kiba: I was going to challege you to a cardfight but I dont think the time is right.
Neos: Hmm? Why you say that?
Kiba: Get better in Vanguard, then we will have a fight
Neos: You bet I will.
Kiba: See you around

He started walking away, just like he always does. After eating dinner I was looking over my Narukami deck again. Just to see if I coul make some edits here and there, but I was so tired I just decided to go to sleep. The next day came and then after a shortened school day I went to the 4th floor and was looking around. There were so many other Vanguard clubs besides brightsurge and so many cardfighters I was surprised they all fit on one floor. Then while I was looking inside one of the clubs this girl come up to me:

???: HEY! What are you doing?

I had the face of 2 very bad things was about to happen: Going to get yelled at by a girl and a whole club attacking me. I answered her in panic

Me: Oh me? Nothing, im new to Vanguard so I was just looking at all the different clubs
???: Oh. I see. My names Angel
Me: My name is Neos, nice to meet you Angel.
Angel: Are you in a club?
Me: Yeah, Club Brightsurge. Joined there yesterday
Angel: I see. You have the look of a good fighter. Lets cardfight some time.
Me: Sure. Im always up for a challege.
Angel: Im the leader of my club, Dont take us ladies too lightly
Me: Oh dont worry I wont. I gotta go. Later Angel
Angel: Hmm

Well that went better then expected. I thought I was going to die. Meanwhile I walked into the Brightsurge club room. Only to find PK and BloodEdge.

Me: hey guys
PK: Neos!!
Bloodedge: Sup Neos
PK: We wanna introduce you to someone.
Bloodedge: Yeah, here is our friend Sonic. He uses the Kagero clan and he wants to join Brightsurge just like us.
Sonic: Hi Neos
Neos: Hey. Nice to meet you Sonic.

Then Kirito came into the room with all the energy in the world

Me, Sonic, Bloodedge, PK: That energy!

3 cardfights later..

Me: Kirito beat all 3 of them? Sheesh
Kirito: Me and Duke shall beat everyone Neos!!
Me: That energy, where do you get it
Kirito: But since I am nice you 3 can still join Brightsurge
Sonic, PK and Bloodedge: HOORAY!!!

I thought to myself how does everyone have so much energy like Kirito. And then i had the courage to go do something

Me: Ill be right back
Everyone else: Huh?

I was walking out while Mare and Andreas were walking in

Mare and Andreas: Wheres Neos going?
Everyone else: We dont know
PK: Well lets follow him

I walked down 2 hallways back to where Angels club was and knocked on the door.

Angel: Oh. Hello Neos.
Me: I challege you to a cardfight Angel!
Angel: Huh?
Everyone else: SAY WHAT?!
PK: Neos have you lost your marbles? Angel and her team is one of the best here
Bloodedge: PK is right and your still a rookie
Angel: Rookie?
Me; Nah ill be fine guys. Angel do you accept my challege?
Angel: Of course.

Angel got a table and put it in the hallway so everyone can watch. But I hope I know what im getting myself into.


PK: Goodluck Neos! Beat her
Angel: Hope your ready to lose, to my deck of Angel Feathers
Kirito: Angel Feathers is one of the trickest clans. Be careful Neos.
Me: Dont worry. Im going to show Angel what team Brightsurge is all about.
Bloodedge: This should be a good cardfght!

Me against Angel and her Angel Feather clan! Do I have what it takes to win in the big leagues?

Next time on Chapter 5: The Angel

Angel Feathers switch around cards with the hand, field and damage zone. Kirito was right they are tricky!
Angel: I bet you cant predict what move I will make next?
Me: Ugh. I wont lose!

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:23 pm

pretty good
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Wed Jan 22, 2014 5:19 pm

Not bad at all! I was actually thinking about writing something too...

Still, takes a lot of time and effort to write a story. Make sure you finish it, okay?
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:49 pm

im still not a character yet -__-
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:19 pm

I know Ren lol. You come into the story a little later on. And as for those that have waited for the next chapter i know its been a very long time but the next chapter will be posted sometime this week.
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:27 pm

Chapter 5: The Angel

Alright so I decided to ask Angel to cardfight me. Why? Even I dont know the answer to my own question. But i wanted to show that I have improved as a cardfighter. What better way to do that then to fight the leader of one of the best clubs in the school. I know it wont be easy. But im going to give Angel a run for my money!

Me and Angel: Stand up! Vanguard!

Me: Spark Kid Dragoon!
Angel: Hope Child, Turiel!

PK: Angel Feathers.. Ive heard of that clan. But i have never seen it in action.
Edge: This should be a good cardfight
Sonic: Go Neos!
Pk, Edge and Sonic: That Energy O_O

I thought to myself the same thing.. where does kirito get that energy from.

Me: Ill start by riding Red River Dragoon! Moving Spark Kid back!
Angel: Thousand Ray Pegasus ride! Turiel moves, attack!
Me: No guardo

I took a damage check and Vermillion fell into the damage zone. A sign of things to come.

Me: Ride! Thunderstorm Dragoon! Ill call another one to the rearguard! Attack!
Angel: No guard
Me: Check: Got a critcal trigger. Critcal to my Vanguard, power to my rearguard!
Angel: Damage checks. The first. The second. Oooo I got a draw trigger. Power to my Vanguard and I draw.
Me: Thunderstorm rearguard attacks!
Angel: No guard
Me: Turn end

Kirito: Yes! Neos is winning 3-1!
Pk: Go Neos!
Edge: You got this bro!
Mare: He better be careful

Angel: Stand and Draw. I ride Million Ray Pegasus. He attacks!
Me: No guard
Angel: Check, another draw trigger. Power to Vanguard and I draw. Turn end
Me: Stand and Draw!

And there at that moment I had drawn Vermillion. Just when I needed him most.

Me: Ride the Vanguard! Break the cage that seals you! Incarnation of Thunder! Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion!
Angel: Not bad for a rookie. Lets see what you can do
Kirito: GO NEOS GO!!!

Me: I call 2 Red River Dragoons and Hex Cannon Wyvern!
Wyvern attacks first. His skill gives him 3000 power if you have 3 or more damage.
Angel: Guard!
Me: Boosted by Red River! Vermillion attacks!
Angel: No guard
Me: Check the drive trigger! First. Second: Got a critcal trigger! Critcal to Vermillion, power to Thunderstorm!
Angel: Damage check. First. Second: Got a heal trigger. Power to Vanguard and I heal one damamge.
Me: Go Thunderstorm!
Angel: Guard!
Me: Turn end.

Pk: So far Neos have full advantage! He is winning 4-2 and has almost a full field. While Angel only has her Vanguard.
Sonic: Yeah Go Neos!
Kirito: I wouldnt be so quick to say that PK
Edge: I agree

Angel: Stand and Draw. Time to show you what the true Angel Feather clan can really do!
Neos: Uh oh
Kirito: Told ya

Angel: Use your crimson wings to deliever the greatest of miracles! I ride! Crimson Impact, Metatron!
Neos: This cant be good
Kirito: Metatron?
Edge: Ive never even heard of that unit
Mare: Its a dangerous one. Neos needs to be careful

Angel: I call! Million Ray Pegasus and 2 Thousand Ray Pegasus! Along with another Metatron! Now i use Turiel skill! Counterblast! By moving her into the soul I can choose a card from my hand and put it into the damage zone. Then i can put a card from the damage zone into my hand.

Kirito: When it comes to Angel Feathers, the damage zone is like a second hand.

Angel: Things only get worse for you kid.
Neos: Hows that?
Angel: When a card is moved to the damage zone, each of my pegasus gains 2000 power!
Neos: Ugh!
Angel: Metatron Vanguard attacks Vermillion!
Neos: No guard
Angel: Checking twin drive! First got a critcal trigger! Power to Million Ray! Critcal to Vanguard Metatron. Second check.
Neos: Ahhhhhhhhh
Pk, Sonic, Edge: Neos!!!!!!
Neos: Damamge check. First, Second.
Angel: Million Ray attacks with a boost from Thousand Ray!
Neos: Guard! Siebo and Djinn!
Angel: Metatron rearguard attacks Thunderstorm!
Neos: No guard
Angel: Turn end

Kirito: That turn was brutal. Who knows what else Angel can do
Mare: Yeah
Edge: Hang in there Neos!
Me: Im trying!! Stand and Draw!

I will admit I did not see that coming at all. But its time to bring out the good old trick up my sleeve!

Me: Spark kid skill. Checking the top 5 cards of my deck for a grade 3 to add to my hand! I will add Vermillion and call him! Also calling Photon Bomber Wyvern! Ready Angel?
Angel: Hmm?
Me: Vermillion! Limit Break! Counterblasting three cards! Now Vermillion can attack your entire front row at once.
Angel: Not bad
Me: Vermillion Thunderbolt!!
Angel: Perfect guard!
Me: Oh cmon! Twin drive! First, second. Got a critcal trigger! All effects to rearguard Vermillion! Hex cannon attacks Metatron!
Angel: No guard, damamge check.

Pk: 5 damamge!
Edge: Cmon Neos!

Me: With a boost by Red River, rearguard Vermillion attacks! 24000 power double critcal!
Angel: I have to admit thats a nice Limit Break, but im not losing! Perfect guard!
Angel: Yup
Me: Turn end..

I couldnt deliever the final blow. Now i have to defend myself the best I can.
Angel: Stand and Draw! I call Crimson Mind, Baruch, another Million Ray Pegagus and Love Machine Gun Nociel!
Neos: Just great a full field..
Angel: It gets worse. Nociel skill. Moving a card from my hand to the damamge zone and a card from the damage zone to my hand. Pegasus's power up by 2000! And now, Metatron Limit Break! I move Baruch and Nociel to the damage zone, and im allowed to call 2 units from the damage zone.
Pk: But that means..
Kirito: Yup, she is power up her pegasus's as much as she can.
Angel: So I call another Metatron and Thousand Ray! And my other 3 pegasus's gain 4000 power!
Me: I will defend myself!
Angel: We shall see. Baruch skill, by turning her facedown i can give one of my Angel Feather units 3000 power. I give it to Metatron Vanguard! Boosted by Thousand Ray! Million Ray attacks for 28000!
Me: I guard with Djinn and Dragon Mage, intercept with wyvern!
Angel: Boosted by Thousand Ray, Metatron rearguard attacks!
Me: No guard, damage check.
Angel: Boosted by Thousand Ray! Metatron Vanguard attacks Vermillion!
Me: Perfect guard!

Kirito: YES!

As i started to take a sigh of relief, Angel started smiling.

Angel: Checking the twin drive. First check, critcal trigger. All effects to Million Ray. Second check...

And then the unexpected came..

Angel: Stand trigger! Power to Million Ray and he stands back up!
Sonic: It cant be
Edge: She actually got it
Kirito: Now the fight is over

Angel: You did very well rookie. But in this fight my Angel Feather will win. Million Ray attacks!
Me: No guard..

Angel: Good game Neos.
Me: Good game Angel
Mare: Nice game by both of you
Kirito: You did very well Neos! Honest! Angel is right you played your very best and your getting better with each cardfight.
Edge: Man she is one scary cardfighter
Pk: You can say that again
Angel: What was that boys?
Pk and Edge: Uh nothing!!
Angel: Well I have to get back to my club, I look foward to our next cardfight Neos.
Me: Same here Angel!!

So after facing Angel Feathers and Angel for the first time. I realized there are alot more clans out there in the world I havent seen. I guess thats just the game of Vanguard where alot of the unknown is out there and you have to face it eventually. But in the end, I dont care about the result. As long as im having fun playing the game

The next day...

Pk: NEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!

I was walking to school and heard PK screaming for help. SO i decided to see what was going on.

Me: PK are you alright?
Pk: That guy he challeged me to a cardfight. After he won he took my cards
Me: HE DID WHAT? Where did he go?
Pk: Up that alley.
Me: Ill find him

I ran threw the alley and found the person that had took PK's deck.

Me: Hey!!
???: You talking to me?
Me: Yeah, you took my friends deck. Give it back.
???: Only way your getting this back is with a cardfight!
Me: Fine then le------

Then out of nowhere

Edge: No Neos! He is facing me!
Me: Edge?
Edge: PK is my best friend. No one messes with him without messing with me! I will fight you to win his deck back!
???: Fine with me
Pk: Edge dont! Hes really good!
Edge: Dont you worry PK! I will win. So whats your name.
???: You can call me Ex
Edge: Well Ex i hope your ready to lose to my Aqua Force! Justice shall be served!

Looks like a serious cardfight is about to take place. If only we knew what clan this guy was using. I sure hope Edge can take him down!

Ex: You were a fool to challege me. Prepare to lose
Edge: I will make sure to win this! For PK!
Pk: I hope Edge knows what his doing

This is one fierce fight! Who will come out on top? And can Edge win back PK's deck?

Next time on Chapter 6: Blue Storm of Justice!

Edge: No matter what clan this guy uses! I will win.
Ex: Prepare to meet my strongest unit! Your going down in flames!!

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:51 pm

Meh ! Why am I the bad guy ? Now you'll make me lose Razz

Be very careful how you handle this fight my friend, I won't go easy on you next time we fight ;p

Nice story by the way ^^

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:44 pm

wait if he's the bad guy then what does that leave me with? lol
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:25 pm

Chapter 6: Blue Storm of Justice

I never would have thought there would be people in this world who would steal another persons Vanguard deck. But it was the case. PK's deck was stole by this person known as Ex. I was going to challege him but Edge decided to challege him instead. Ive known Edge and PK for awhile now and I know that they are real close friends, so I decided to let Edge cardfight to win back PK's deck.

Edge: Stand up my, Vanguard!
Ex: Stand up the Vanguard!

PK: I hope Edge does ok
Neos: I wouldnt worry PK. Edge will be fine.
PK: I hope so

Edge: Officer Cadet Erikk!
Ex: Lizard Solider Conroe!

Edge: Kagero...
Neos: Kagero? Never seen that clan yet. This should be interesting

Ex: I will start by riding the Ebodiment of Armor Bahr! Moving Conroe back behind my Vanguard! Turn end!
Edge: Draw, I ride Tear Knight Theo! Move Erikk moves behind my Vanguard and I call another Theo! Rearguard Theo attacks Bahr!
Ex: No guard *watches damage fall*
Edge: Vanguard Theo attacks with a boost from Erikk!
Ex: No guard
Edge: Checking the trigger, no trigger

As Ex's second damage fell he didnt seem all that worried. In fact it looked like he wanted that to happen.

Neos: He looks to calm..
PK: Huh?
Neos: He is setting up Edge for something big I can tell.

Ex: Stand and Draw! I ride Berserk Dragon! Counterblast! I retire Erikk!
Edge: Erikk!! Ugh
Ex: And now the real fun begins! Since I retired one of your rear guards and i have a grade 2 vanguard I can ride Demonic Dragon Berserker Yaksha from my hand! Ride!

Neos: He rode to Grade 3 on his second turn?!?
PK: This is very very bad. That means he gets a twin drive on his second turn!

Ex: I told you not to mess with me and you didnt listen!
Edge: Im not worried
Ex: I call Dragon Knight Nehalem and Bahr to my left row! Yaksha attacks your Vanguard!
Edge: No guard
Ex: Twin Drive, first check: I got a heal trigger. Power to Nehalem and i heal one damage. Second check: Got a critcal trigger! Critcal to my Vanguard! Power to Nehalem!
Edge: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Neos and PK: Edge!!!!!
Edge: Ugh.. Damage check, first. The second, got a draw trigger. Power to my Vanguard Theo and i draw.
Ex: Nehalem attacks with a boost from Bahr!
Edge: No guard, damage check.
Ex: Turn end

Neos: Not only did he get to grade 3 first but he did three damage in that turn.
Pk: This is all my fault!!
Neos: Huh?
Pk: Im so weak! I should not even be called a cardfighter! I let some guy steal my deck. I cant even stand up for myself!
Edge: Pk... Dont worry about it bro! Im going to win this and get your deck back! Thats what a true friend does! But your not my friend, your my bro and i value our friendship more then anything. I will win this cardfight!

Edge: Stand and Draw! I Ride Tear Knight Lazarus!! I move Theo to the back row and call Storm Rider Basil! Basil attacks your Vanguard!
Ex: No guard, damage check
Edge: Basil skill, after he attacks your vanguard he switches places with a unit in the same row. Now Lazarus attacks your Vanguard!
Ex: No guard!
Edge: check the trigger, Got a heal trigger. Power to Theo. And I heal 1 point.
Ex: Damage check, no trigger.
Edge: Theo attacks Nehalem!
Ex: Guard! Gattling Claw Dragon!
Edge: Turn end

Neos: Game is tied 2-2
Pk: Yeah, pretty good cardfight so far

Ex: Stand and Draw! I Ride The Vanguard!!! Rise my Avatar!!!

Edge: Avatar?!?
Neos and PK: AVATAR?!?

Edge: Dragonic Waterfall?
Neos: What is that?
PK: Ive never seen it before

Ex: I call another Nehalem! He attacks Theo!
Edge: No guard
Ex: Waterfall attacks with a boost from Conroe!!
Edge: No guard
Ex: Check the drive trigger: First. Second, Got a critcal trigger! Critcal to Waterfall, power to Nehalem who hasnt attacked.
Edge: Ugh, damage checks, first, second. Got a stand trigger. Power to Lazarus.
Ex: Go Nehalem!
Edge: Guard! Supersonic Sailor!
Ex: Turn end.

Edge: Stand and Draw! You stole my friends deck and I dont like that. No one messes with my friends. So its time for some Justice!

All of a sudden a strong wind came out of nowhere

Ex: Whats with this wind?
Pk: Some strong wind
Neos: Ill say

Edge: Ride the Vanguard! Dragon of Justice and Wind! Blue Storm Dragon! Maelstrom!! MY AVATAR!!!

Neos: Hes avatar?

Ex: Looks like things just got interesting
Edge: Now to get my friends deck back! And Teach you a lesson!


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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Vanguard!!!   

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The Adventures of Vanguard!!!
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