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Hey everyone, just us checking in. I'm in the process of working on some new entertainment options for us Brighter Sugerins. Start looking for updates to our Roleplay section.
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 Arthurian Legend

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Andreas Vogas


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PostSubject: Arthurian Legend   Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:37 pm

So, we have an overflow of Arturian Legend units, and decided to do something about it Very Happy :

Royal Paladin:

Yggdrasil Maiden, "Elaine"
Solitary Knight, "Gancelot" (Lancelot)
Pathetic Jewel Knight, "Olwen" (Owain)
Knight of Friendship, "Kay"
Knight of Loyalty, "Bedivere"
Flash Shield, "Iseult" / Flashing Jewel Knight, "Iseult"
Lake Maiden, Lien (Lady of the Lake)
White Dragon Knight, "Pendragon"
First Legend, "Ambrosius" (Reference to Merlin)
Demon Slaying Knight, "Lohengrin"
Knight of Rose, "Morgana" (Morgan le Fay)
Knight of Silence, Gallatin (Silent Knight)
Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, "Palamedes" / Swordsman of the Blaze, Palamedes
Knight of Conviction, "Bors"
Knight of Quests, "Galahad" / Knight of Godly Speed, "Galahad" / Knight of Tribulations, "Galahad"
Battle Flag Knight, "Constance" (Constans)
Delicate Knight, Claudin
Twin Shine Swordsman, "Marhaus"
Knight of Determination, "Lamorak"
Knight of Explosive Axe, "Gorneman"
Knight of the Steel Blade, "Caradoc" (Carantoc)

Gold Paladin:

Listener of Truth, "Dindrane"
Solitary Liberator, "Gancelot" (Lancelot)
Black Dragon Whelp, "Vortimer" / Scout of Darkness, "Vortimer" / Black Dragon Knight, "Vortimer" (Black Knight) (Vortimer)
Battle Flag Knight, "Laudine"
Grassland Breeze, "Sagramore" / Precipice Whirlwind, "Sagramore" / Battlefield Storm, "Sagramore"
Curved Blade Liberator, "Josephus"
Halo Shield, "Mark" / Halo Liberator, "Mark"
Knight of Elegant Skills, "Gareth" / Knight of Superior Skills, "Beaumains" (Sir Gareth Beaumains >_>)
Player of the Holy Axe, "Nimue"
Knight of Break Fist, "Segwarides"
Player of the Holy Bow, "Viviane" (Vivienne)
Knight of Endurance, "Lucan"
Knight of Fury, "Agravain"
Steel Spear Liberator, "Bleoberis"

Shadow Paladin"

Illusion Revenger, "Mordred" Phantom
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Arthurian Legend
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