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Welcome to Bright Surge Academy, make sure to check your PMs for new members, read all the rules, and more importantly have fun
Hey everyone, just us checking in. I'm in the process of working on some new entertainment options for us Brighter Sugerins. Start looking for updates to our Roleplay section.
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 An Angel's introduction

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DarkAngel, Metatron


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PostSubject: An Angel's introduction   Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:12 am

Good day members of Bright Surge, it is my pleasure to be joining you from now on and I hope that in the future all of us can train together and become better fighters for the future.

I started playing Vanguard just under a year ago now, starting off with a pretty weak kagero deck, as I couldn't afford to buy masses of cards or decks. Since then I've evolved to using a Mix of Narukami and Dark Irregulars. My most recent addition is my name sake. Angel Feathers. You're probably thinking 'If they are your newest clan why name yourself after them?' Thing is, I was testing new decks I had never used before and first went with a Ergodiel build as it was the one I knew best, after a few days though it wasn't working, then I saw Metatron, and immediately wanted it. A couple days later and boom, I was winning so much more than ever had with my previous decks, the speed with which I picked up the deck was amazing, and since then my efficiency with the deck has still not stopped increasing.

So again. A fond hello to my new team mates, I look forward to our time together.
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PostSubject: Re: An Angel's introduction   Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:34 pm

Glad to have you here Meta :3
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An Angel's introduction
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