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 the cardfight master part 1

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vanitas bakura goku


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PostSubject: the cardfight master part 1   Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:31 pm

the year 9001, cardfight vanguard is still one of the world's most popular games. there are now academy's, and pro cardfighters, one pro even has his own made clans that was given to him by the man who makes the cards. and he is about to start is adventure of becoming a cardfight legend.

* at the finals of the world tournament*

Announcer 1: and now it's time for the final cardfight, our raining champion Yutia Hundo will be fighting active pro Gabriel Yamanaka. Both these fighters have won their fights one to zero!

* the two sit at the table and begin shuffling their decks*

Yutia: i've heard so much about you Gabriel.. i hope you don't disappoint me

Gabriel: as the champion i hope you don't lose too soon

* the set up their face down grade 0's and draw their starting hand*

Yutia: i'm taking a redraw

Gabriel: so will i

* they take their redraws*

Gabriel and Yutia: stand up the Vanguard!

Yutia: * flips a card that has a picture of a red baby dragon on it* Laval baby dragon

Laval baby dragon: (Draw) (dragon) (Power 4000, Shield 5000.)

Gabriel:* flips a card that has a picture of a little girl with semi-short pink hair with a short sword* Sword welder Emily

Sword welder Emily: (human) (Power 5000, Shield 4000.) When you ride a oracle think tank Vanguard, you can draw one card.

Yutia: your oracle think tanks huh?

Gabriel: your kageros... the deck that made you go pro.

Yutia: what else would i use?i'm taking the first turn.

Yutia:* draws one card* i ride Thunder dragon Kuie

Thunder dragon Kuie : ( dragon) (Power 8000, Shield 5000) when you have another dragon in the soul, this card gains +1000 power

Yutia: that ends my turn

Gabriel: let'd get this started * draws* i ride Sword fighter Emily

Sword fighter Emily: ( human) ( power 9000, shield 7000) when you ride this unit over Sword welder Emily, draw one card

Gabriel: uses both their skills i can draw two cards. * draws two* i call Bow welder Amy and Bow fighter Amy to the rear guards

Bow welder Amy:( grade 0 ) ( human) ( 5000 power, 6000 shield)

Bow fighter Amy: ( grade 1) ( human) ( 8000 power, 5000 shield)

Yutia: your decks are so rare, there are only four of each card in all of them and you own all four of each.. which means to see how they play, one must fight you

Gabriel: the one and only. Sword fighter Emily boosted by word welder Emily attacks your vanguard.

Yuita: i don't guard

Gabriel: drive trigger check * shows a grade 3)

Yuita: damage trigger check * shows a heal trigger* bad timing... all power goes to my vanguard.

Gabriel: Bow fighter Amy boosted by Bow welder Amy attacks your vanguard

Yuita: no guard, damage trigger check * shows a grade 3 dragon* no..

Gabriel: one of your key cards... i end my turn

Gabriel – yuita

Turn 2

0 – Damage – 2

1 – Soul – 1

5 – Hand – 5

0 – Counter Blasted – 0

Yuita:* draws* i ride Dragon of the sky

Dragon of the sky: ( grade 2) ( dragon) ( 10000 power, 5000 shield) when you ride this card, counter blast one to give this unit + 3000 power till the end of your turn

Yuita:i use his counter blast twice to give hi ma total of +6000 power till the end of this turn. i call baby dragon of wind to the rear guard

baby dragon of wind: ( grade 1) ( dragon) ( 4000 power, 5000 shield)

Yuita: Dragon of the sky boosted by baby dragon of wind will attack your vanguard

Gabriel: i don't guard

Yuita: drive trigger check * shows a stand trigger*

Gabriel: damage trigger check * shows a draw trigger*

Yuita: i end my turn

Gabriel – yuita

Turn 3

0– Damage – 2

1 – Soul – 2

6 – Hand – 4

0 – Counter Blasted – 2

Gabriel: i stand and draw. i ride Sword Knight Emily

Sword Knight Emily: ( grade 2) ( 10000 power, 5000 shield) when you ride over Sword fighter Emily, you can draw two cards

Gabriel: by using her skill i can draw two cards. * draws* i call bow Knight Amy to the rear guard

Bow Knight Amy: ( human) ( 9000 power, 5000 shield) your opponent can not guard against this card

Gabriel: Bow fighter Amy boosted by Bow welder Amy attacks your vanguard

Yuita: no guard

Gabriel: Sword Knight Emily boosted by word welder Emily attacks your vanguard.

Yuita: i'll guard with dragon egg

Gabriel: one to pass drive trigger check * shows a Critical trigger* the power goes to my vanguard, but the Critical goes to bow knight.

Yuita: damage trigger check * shows a grade 1*

Gabriel: Bow Knight Amy will attack your vanguard for game

Yuita: i can;t guard against it?!

Gabriel: your deck is built around counter blasting to gain power and over power your opponent, that means you didn't have the units to guard most attacks, better draw a heal trigger

Yuita: i only run one heal in my deck

Announcer 1: and with that fast game.. Gabriel Yamanaka is the winner and new world champion!

Gabriel: good game

Yuita: good.. game..

Gabriel:* gets up and leaves*

Yuita: i'll get him.. and my title back.. one day soon....

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the cardfight master part 1
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