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 Crash onto planet Cray

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PostSubject: Crash onto planet Cray   Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:07 pm

On a distant planet called Cray a breeze scurried across the splitting ground of the canyon towards the border between the United Sanctuary and Dragon Empire continents. The skins of other planets and stars hovered between the gaps in the thickening grey clouds, casting wide shadows across the parched land.A knight whose blue suit had been decorated with various plates of sharpened white armour, glowing azure from the grooves driven into the shoulders, chest and limbs. The white ring encircling his temple, locking his helm into place and tucking away his locks. In front of him, his prized sword, matching his white and midnight blue ensemble had been driven into the rocky ground, a red jewel gleaming from the centre of the wings spreading out at the base of the blade, like the three placed cautiously up his armour.

The knight averted his view to the emptied path ahead, looking at the direction towards the Dragon Empire, whose soldiers had appeared recently in small numbers. The king had assumed it was a warning of war, an unofficial declaration that the opponent state denied repeatedly. Nevertheless, the king had sent out his most valued troops in order to quell any further violence before it threatened the United Sanctuary's society. The path, however, was no longer clear; a towering silhouette shivered in the distance, stomping closer to the squad of four. The knight sharpened his eyes, glaring towards the grey dragon marching forward on its hind legs......

Part 2

Meanwhile on Earth

"Ezel attack Asura Kaiser!" Aichi declared.

"No guard!" responded Kamui.

Aichi checked the top two cards of his deck and revealed a draw trigger and a heal trigger. Kamui then hesitated for a moment and checked the top card of his deck and revealed a grade 3.

"That was a great fight Onii-chan"

Before Aichi could reply he saw a faint vision, he saw a blue outline of himself as Blaster Blade his ace card before the strange event that changed his whole deck.

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Crash onto planet Cray
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