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 The Alexander Walker Saga's : Book One, Chapter One (kinda)

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PostSubject: The Alexander Walker Saga's : Book One, Chapter One (kinda)   Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:05 pm

Chapter 1: Tell me how to
The room was empty, a small apartment; with a smaller T.V., bed, and not much else. As the clock on the wall struck 8:00 am, it started to ring. The echo went through the room several times before it interrupted a very grouchy Alexander Walker’s sleep; and as he woke up, eye’s barley opened, all he wanted to do was repeat the past few hours of sleep.
A party is a terrible thing to waste, but it never needs to go past 4 a.m. Ever. Max had decided that he wanted to get married to the first woman who ever got serious with him. So, he married his high school sweet heart, Lucy Venghar, And Alex was naturally invited to the celebration party that they held last night. The wedding was supposed to take place in 3 weeks, in Reno, Nevada, Lucy’s home town. Alex had to take a bus to the airport across town, and pay his way to Nevada.
“Lucky me.” He whispered to himself.
As he slowly dragged himself out of bed, he threw on a pair of brown pants and looked around his apartment. He couldn’t believe that all he’d gotten after 5 years of college was a crappy little apartment in the outskirts of North Carolina.
“Who gets married at 25?” He muttered to himself after stretching. He walked into the bathroom and took a minute to look at himself in the mirror. With pure grey eyes, a tanned skin tone, and age defying silver hair, he was starting to know why he stood out so much in school. Max was different, with the classic brown eyes, curly black hair combo and barley any tan at all. He got married because he and Alex were classified differently on the social ladder. While Alex had been on three dates in all his 25 years.
“What a player” he said to himself as he chuckled.
As he walked out of his bathroom into the living room, he noticed the clock on the wall somehow stuck 8:30. “Balls…” he thought to himself as he threw on a blue tee, and grabbed a pre-packed bag from under his bed. He zoomed out of the apartment complex into the bright streets, as he crossed and rounded two corners to entered a small bus-stop. While waiting for the bus to come, he was reading a book, trying to look smart, when a slender woman took a seat next to him.
“Nice day, huh?” She said to him with a smile. As Alex put the book down, looked over his shoulder at her, his jaw dropped a little. Wearing a green t-shirt, denim jeans, soft, un-tanned, skin, green eyes, and orange hair that danced with the gentle breeze, he almost started to drool.
“H-h-hi” Alex retorted, choking on his words.
“Never were good with girls were you?” The mystery woman asked smiling.
“No, I guess not.” He said returning the smile in a more relaxed tone.
“You really don’t recognize me do you, Alex? That’s hurtful.” Searching through his memory frantically, he almost hit himself over the head for not realizing it sooner. The only girl that he could have an extended conversation with, without her thinking he was a complete idiot, Abigail Verener, more commonly referred to as Abby.
“Was it that bad? How long has it been?” Alex asked
“Been about 10 years, hasn’t it?”
“Since the 4th grade as I remember it.”
“So how’s your old man?” She asked trying to catch up.
“I still haven’t talked to him in God knows when.”
“Oh…still haven’t worked it out with him”
“Nope.” Alex looked down at the ground
“I’m sorry.” She said sympathetically
“It’s fine, so, what’ve you been up to since elementary school.”
“Oh…nothing much.”
“You’ve changed a lot; you look great today.” Alex said as a bus stopped in front of the bench they were sitting on, but he didn’t seem to notice.
“Are you implying that I didn’t in elementary school?” She said with a bit of sarcasm on her face.
“No, I just…I mean…guh, never mind.” He said, as she laughed.
“So where are you going?”
“Max’s wedding.” Alex answered
“Max…?” She said confused
“Tall, black hair, brown eyes, hit on you in the 3rd grade, so you punched him so hard he flew across campus into the nurses office.”
“Hey, I didn’t punch him that hard.” She laughed.
“Now I have to catch this bus. He just had to put it in Nevada.”
“Ah. Well then, do you have time to talk to an old friend like me?”
“Sure, why?” Alex asked skeptically.
“I came down here…to have a job interview.”
“Sorry, I don’t work, so I can’t give recommendations.”
“No, I mean, I’m trying to give you a job.”
“A job?” Alex responded, raising an eyebrow.
“I’d rather not talk about it here.”
“Uh…” He took a moment to absorb his surroundings. There was nothing unsafe, he knew Abby was always weird, but this was getting eerie. He didn’t like where the situation was going, so he decided to cut the conversation short, “Actually, I gotta catch my bus, but keep in touch, and I’ll try to talk to you later.”
“You mean that one…?” She said pointing to an smog spewing behemoth of a bus, it didn’t say where it was headed, but he knew it where it was going to end up. He ran out into the street yelling and throwing his arms up all over, but no luck.
“Son-of-a…” He muttered to himself kicking the street.
“Got any time now?” She said, smirking.
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The Alexander Walker Saga's : Book One, Chapter One (kinda)
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