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Welcome to Bright Surge Academy, make sure to check your PMs for new members, read all the rules, and more importantly have fun
Hey everyone, just us checking in. I'm in the process of working on some new entertainment options for us Brighter Sugerins. Start looking for updates to our Roleplay section.
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 Wayfarer in the Sky

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PostSubject: Wayfarer in the Sky   Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:43 pm

A low hum echoed throughout the metal hallways of the dark ship that floated through the millennium years of debris. This hum was almost like a melody, the heartbeat of this lone traveler in the sky. The harbinger of knowledge and the harbinger of new hope, this silent machine floated by itself without the help of human intervention. The hallways were empty, the lights were dim. All power was being focused on the engine, as the engine hummed and sung sweet, yet sad tales. The hum even seemed to drown out the sounds of human screams and human torture.

Now the ship was endlessly empty, except for the one room. Capsule stood in rows in this winding room, in the shape of an arch. Each capsule looked like a coffin of some sort, and in each capsule there was a the silhouette of what could possibly human life. The capsule brightly glowed in the dim lighting. This machine, this traveler only two functions were this capsule and the engine that whirred in silent passion.

Now the years had gone, years had passed. The ship still ran itself, but everything it was, everything it had, was programmed to follow a time that never existed in this world of debris. The sound of water dripping down into the drain system, and silently the capsules opened their doors with a slight "foosh". Each human with the bare minimum thermal suit to keep them from freezing as they emerged like new born children out of the womb. Many of them were confused and dazed.

One man, all though clearly shaking, stood up as fast as he could. His large body and physical prime made him appear intimidating. He was middle aged, with rough hair and a rough beard. Many looked up at him.

"" said one of the person on the floor trying to gain his breathe.

"Obvious," the man spoke as if he were experiencing no side effects, "We get to work. Doctor?"

"I'm here," I said trying to gain control of my bodies convulsions.

"Help these men recover from the cryolock," the captain said.

"I'll get on that," I replied sarcastically.

"Captain, I'll help," said a deep voice behind me.

"Who are you?" the captain asked, "What is your job, I mean?"

"Chief Director of the Medical unit," he said.

"Thank god, I didn't want to be the only one," I said.

The man behind me placed a large hand on my shoulder. He was a dark skinned man, he appeared African American. All though there were flecks of gray in his short cut buzzed hair, he appeared young, with a large in shape body. His hands were shaking, I could feel. He was suffering from Cryolock as well then.

"Name?" he asked.

"Noel, twenty-five, here for my graduate work," I replied.

"Rosline," he replied.

"Rosline?" I asked.

"Rosline, I know what it sounds like, that was my mothers mistake. I'm forty," Rosline said.

"You don't look it,"

"Enough chatter, where is my second in command?" the captain said.

The person who spoke earlier raised his hand. He was rather thin, didn't look like he was much good in a fight. His skin was pale, either that was from the Cryolock or it was his usual complexion. I was surprised the Captain hadn't made a comment yet. The young man was handsome, with pale blue eyes. His eyes shined like jewels, rare unnatural jewels.

"They hired me a model?" he said.

Just like the captain.

"No sir," he said, "I have cyber implants."

"Oh so a cyborg model,"

The young man whom had announced his cyber implants stood immediately. The Cyrolock symptoms seemed less off his concern as he put a rather haughty expression and stared at the captain.

"I'm not a model," he said, "I was not chosen for this job to go prancing around in the Elix Year Calendar. I was chosen for my organization skills and proper leader skills. When a Captain fails, the best Co-captain is chosen to take his place. Just cause I'm younger and better built doesn't make me a model. It just makes me better. I'm also not a cyborg."

"Got quite the mouth on you," the captain replied with a growl.

"I have to," he replied, "Because there is dipshits like you ,Connor, who try to push me around, to justify that I'm just some stuck up pretty boy. Well I'm actually a stuck up leader, whom likes to get the job done. Noel, was your name. Are you okay enough to help the rest of the crew with Cryolock."

"Yes, um?" I replied.

"I'm Stephens," he said, "Jole Stephens. The captain is Connor Richards."

"How do you know that?" Connor asked.

"I'm the best of the best, Sir," he said dropping the haughty attitude, and being more polite, "I have to know everything about everyone on the ship. To ensure proper work flow and work balance."

"You suddenly became more obedient," Connor said with suspicion.

"I have to establish my role, and needed to stand up to you. Again to ensure workflow. They now know I won't always bend over to kiss your ass, hope you don't mind," Stephens replied.

"Hmph," was all Connor could manage through his tight jaws, "Noel, Rosline, get your ass to med bay so we can help the rest of the crew."

"Yes," I replied.

"Can we get a map to the med bay?" Rosline said.

"Computer," Jole said.

"It's not coming up," Connor said.

"It looks like we'll have to reprogram it's functions," Jole said, "Who around here is an engineer and computer specialist?"

The room got quiet, the lights vibrated with the melody of the hum of the ship. The hum began to become a part of us, as a secondary heartbeat. No one spoke, there was simply dead silence. We looked around and we continued to be unsure of what to do. Many of the personal were quiet, someone coughed, most of us just simply took breaths. And then suddenly we began to hear banging. Everyone perked up trying to listen to where the banging was coming from, it became quite obvious as to where it was coming, as our only source of light was coming from the unopen capsules coming from the capsules.

"Get them out!" the captain said, "Hurry up."

The group got up, trying to fight their cryolocks and trying to grab the emergency handle of the capsules. My hands were shaking as I tried to grip the emergency handle. Fumbling around, I finally got the latch. The capsule swung open with a "fwoosh" and a woman fell out. She was coughing, shaking, and choking.

"I'm one of the medics," I said, "You've been in cryostage for a little longer than the rest of us. You're experiencing the symptoms of cryolock. Your body is trying to shift function no longer dependent on the capsule."

"I know!" the woman grumbled.


"Where is my husband?" she asked.

"Who is your husband?" I asked.
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Wayfarer in the Sky
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